Sunday, July 14, 2013

Border Collie

On the Job

Border Collie watching sheep, taken from a public domain photo.

                                                  Sketches of border collies and sheep
I love border collies, maybe it's their look, black and white and their wonderful expressions, not to mention that they are very hard workers. 


  1. Sue,
    Love the Border Collie, it looks great. I also like the full page of sketches.

    Talk to you soon,

  2. Hi Sue.
    I ditto what Joan says Sue. Great to see the Collie at work. As Joan says, brilliant sketches as well. You talk about movement in my sketches, they are nothing compared to your drawings. All the best Sue.

  3. This painting is amazing, Sue! A beautiful scene ...the border collie looks like he's watching his sheep this one!

  4. Good morning Suzy girl, it's time to start posting some of your beautiful work. Talk later.

  5. Love the painting of the Collie Sue, and you've captured some great movement in those sketches. Nice work!

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