Sunday, November 25, 2012

Need help with blogging

Polar bear done in gouache

Polar Bear
\Deer/Kuretake pens 

I have problems commenting on other blogs, not all but most.  The comment posts but then is immediately deleted.  Any advice is greatly appreciated.


  1. Love these your gouache work is amazing. I am using my iPad to write this. It is a little tricky.


  2. This polar bear is SO amazing, Sue! Definitely my favorite! I wish I can help out with your blogging problems but I don't know enough about the computer!!! When I have problems, I immediately call my Nephew..LOL...Sad but true. Again, LOVE your bear!!

  3. Hello Sue:) I love your polar bear and other drawings. So beautiful. Do you still have problems with commenting? If you go to your dashboard, you'll see on the right upper corner under your photo "options". If you click you get serveral options. One of them is "blogger help". Over there you can drop your problem and they give you an answer within a vew hours. Succes!

  4. Hi Joanie,

    I'm loving working with the gouache as I am sure you are loving your new toy!


  5. Hi Hilda,

    Thank you so much. I am happy you are through "Sandy". I had been asking cousin Joan if she had heard anything during that diaster. I wish I had a "nephew" close to help me with my computer. I will get this problem fixed and be able to post on yours and others once again. Glad to hear from you!!!

  6. Hello Renate,

    Thank you for responding, I will try what you recommended and hopefully it will work.